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26-29 May 2015
Europe/Berlin timezone
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08-01 - Economics and Value of IS


Location: Fürstenberghaus
Address: Domplatz 20-22 48143 Münster Germany
Room: F33
Date: 27 May 11:00 - 12:30


A major part of our current economy is based on the value creation through Information Systems (IS) that enable the creation, exchange, and processing of large amounts of information. This results in new business models such as the upcoming sharing economy and opportunities for firms such as product customization, analyzing consumer-produced content, or marketing through social networks. However, the details on how such new business models and opportunities affect organizations, industries, economies and societies in the long run still have to be investigated. The economics and value of IS track considers various issues related to IS and IT including economics of information goods, platforms, cloud computing, mobile services, as well as the impact of IT-driven business models on existing organizations, industries, economies, and societies. The common element across all papers is that they are expected to make an original contribution to the theory or practice of creating, adopting or using information technology. This may come from examining new phenomena, applying a new theoretical perspective, or by gathering new data. Authors should focus on articulating their unique contribution, linking it both to the body of their study and contrasting it to the characterization from prior research.


  • Session 1
    • Zimmermann, Steffen (University of Innsbruck)

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Type: Complete Research Paper Session: 08-01 - Economics and Value of IS
Track: 08 - Economics and Value of IS
We study the impact of Chief Executive Officer (CEO)’s IT knowledge on firm performance by leveraging the knowledge-based view and the influence of top management. We take an innova-tive approach by examining CEO’s conversation with financial analysts and investors in the earnings conference calls, which are considered as the biggest information event for listed com-panies. We measure CEO’s ... More
Presented by Weifang WU on 27/5/2015 at 10:00
Type: Complete Research Paper Session: 08-01 - Economics and Value of IS
Track: 08 - Economics and Value of IS
Limitations in our ability to adequately forecast the expected value of IT investments represent a notable impediment to efforts to develop business cases that can be relied upon when making IT investment decisions. This undermines the effectiveness of these decisions and threatens the benefits that a portfolio of IT investments ultimately delivers. Since IT investment decisions have direct implic ... More
Presented by Mark VAN DER PAS on 27/5/2015 at 9:30
Type: Complete Research Paper Session: 08-01 - Economics and Value of IS
Track: 08 - Economics and Value of IS
Since the ongoing proliferation of information technology (IT) in our private and professional lives, researchers have been concerned with the conceptualization and measurement of the “value” that technology brings us. To this end, researchers have based their assumptions and theories on the technological achievements and perceptions of technology at that time. Ever since the introduction of s ... More
Presented by Maedeh YASSAEE on 27/5/2015 at 9:00
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