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26-29 May 2015
Europe/Berlin timezone
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07-03 - Social Media Research and Analytics


Location: Fürstenberghaus
Address: Domplatz 20-22 48143 Münster Germany
Room: F2
Date: 28 May 11:00 - 12:30


The rise of new media channels (such as the Internet, mobile devices, and social networking sites) has created opportunities as well as challenges to individuals, organizations, and the society at large. Individuals use and engage with social media for diverse purposes such as co-creation, entertainment, mentoring, networking, friendship, career advancement, learning, collective action and civic engagement. Organizations also experiment with various social platforms to improve performance through crowdsourcing, online collaboration and communication, online communities, mobile computing and social media services. These challenges and changes give rise to novel and important research questions, which attract a strong interest among scholars. A wide range of research methods, such as qualitative and quantitative approaches, social network analysis, data mining, sentiment analysis or design research have been applied to explore and explain social media related phenomena. Further, social media facilitate users to create, cooperate, and share content. Through capturing social media data and applying novel methods such as decision making models, design frameworks, group behavior elicitation (e.g. herding effects), and opinion/sentiment mining, business intelligence and actionable decision making can be obtained. The major aim of this track is to provide a forum for the exchange of research ideas related to social media. It also aims to raise awareness in terms of the latest development in social technologies, to address the opportunities and challenges associated with the use of social media by individuals, organizations, and the contemporary society. This track is open to all types of research, conceptual or empirical.


  • Session 3
    • Trier, Matthias (Copenhagen Business School)

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Type: Complete Research Paper Session: 07-03 - Social Media Research and Analytics
Track: 07 - Social Media Research Analytics
This study investigates how emergency response organizations use social media during emergency preparedness and response. Using qualitative (interviews and documents) and quantitative (Facebook posts) data, the study identifies several uses of social media in emergency preparedness and emergency management, as well as the organizational context that affects this use. Findings indicate that social ... More
Presented by Annemijn VAN GORP, Edgar MALDONADO, Nicolai POGREBNYAKOV on 28/5/2015 at 9:00
Type: Complete Research Paper Session: 07-03 - Social Media Research and Analytics
Track: 07 - Social Media Research Analytics
Enterprise social networks (ESNs) are increasingly added to organizational IT infrastructures for more inclusive, open, and “social” communication. Many organizations recognize the potential benefits that ESNs can offer for improved team collaboration. Albeit there is extensive research testing the effects of general IT support on teams, it is still poorly understood what activities teams perf ... More
Presented by Isabella SEEBER, Alexander B. MERZ on 28/5/2015 at 12:00
Type: Complete Research Paper Session: 07-03 - Social Media Research and Analytics
Track: 07 - Social Media Research Analytics
In this paper, we propose an explanatory model of the continuance intention to use social networking sites (SNS). Our aim is to extend the post adoptive model by incorporating Habit and Information Overload as antecedents to SNS continuance intention. A quantitative approach based on an online survey administered to 320 executive managers in France confirms the positive role of habit in generating ... More
Presented by Alya MLAIKI on 28/5/2015 at 9:30
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